Monday, October 16, 2006

Sacrament of Faith

Sunday, my children were baptized into the Body of Christ. Their heads still smell of balsam.


alison said...

God bless the Lyons!

Our children were all baptized on the same day - two were believers and one was an infant. All of them laughed as the water was poured on their heads.

P.S. The dresses were beautiful and Laura's hair looks so cute.

Chad Toney said...


The kids look great!

You on the other hand...can't take you anywhere, always spilling ice tea on your shirt.

Dan said...

An exciting and happy day! Thanks for posting a picture of your balsam-scented clan. :-)

~m2~ said...

how cool is this? congratulations to a gorgeous family :)

onionboy said...

A glorious smell. Thanks be to God.