Saturday, October 21, 2006

A New Series: Why I Am Catholic

On Monday, I will begin a new and somewhat-unusual series titled "Why I Am Catholic." Each day will contain a post that includes a sentence or short paragraph about some richness I have found in Catholicism.

(I will still post about other happenings in my life, of course.)

This series will run for some time - perhaps a month. And it will most likely appear intermittently after it is officially over as I discover more about the richness of my faith.

I hope you enjoy it and take the time to understand, each day, what I am writing. Each post will be concise, and, hopefully, rich in its concision. Nothing will be posted on the series on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please feel the freedom to engage me, to agree with me, or to disagree with me. Your thoughts are, as always, welcome.

In short, the series will be an explanation of something so difficult for me to define. It will be an attempt to help you, my family and my friends, understand that I have fallen in love.


ScottB said...

Sounds fascinating!

Jim McCullough said...

Great! Looking forward to it.