Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesdays Are for Trash

Today I'm going to go through my house and see what I can throw away: Old junk, old clothes (no, too old for giving away), old food (ditto), old people, old toys. Well, any number of things - old textbooks, notes, and books too. As much as that will hurt. I figure if I haven't looked at it since I graduated, it just ain't worth keeping. All within moderation, of course.

Clean with me, children. Clean!


Dan said...

It's a good feeling, my friend!

You need Torey at your side though--she runs an organziational boot camp.

I think I still have boxes of notes from high school though myself.

Um, and boxes that I've dragged with me for the past 20 years of clothes. I got rid of a lot of those, but another box just raised its ugly head the other day.

I'm just hanging on until I can sell them as vintage clothes on eBay.

There's money in them there boxes!

zach l said...

i remember the time u looked through those old junk boxes at your parents house. there was stuff worth a lot of money in there! i say save it. <--period.