Monday, January 22, 2007


I love my Firefox browser. I do. And the cool thing about it is that you don't need a Mac - though Macs do make all things more beautiful - in order to access the quiet elegance and ease of Mozilla Firefox. (Did I mention it's better than the browser you're using?)

Why am I gushing about a browser I've had for months and months? Well, I just added a few extensions that make my browsing experience even more pleasurable: FoxyTunes, which places the controls for iTunes (or whatever your media player) on the bottom of your browser window; Clipmarks, which lets you grab quick clips from Web pages and save them publicly or privately for later reference - and it automatically remembers the source; and the Answer extension, which gives you, well, answers - definitions and explanations for words for which you need definitions and explanations. All part of your browser.

That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how Firefox extensions allow me to personalize my browser and browsing experience. I also use coComment, Sage, and Scrapbook with great regularity. These extensions I use specifically for tracking blogs and comments as well as monthly archiving my own blog on my hard drive.

So I'm a nerd. But that's OK because I've got Firefox.

Embrace your nerddom. If you use Firefox, what cool extensions do you use?


alison said...


Better a nerd than a dummy.

Chad said...

adblock, ablock updater, DownThemAll!(awesome for that page full of catholic talk mp3 downloads), FoxyTunes, Gmail Notifier, Google Browser Sync, IE Tab, Tabbrowser Preferences.

Dan said...

Well, this post has made me aware of the possibilities of extensions, and I can already say that several of them will become prime additions.

I like the cooliris function the best so far...I like being able to preview a link without having to leave the page I might be on.

And I added FoxyTunes and I like that too.

Haven't messed around much with the rest...

alison said...

A nerd in the hand is better than...oh forget it. I'm going to get Dan to help me get the most out of my Firefox experience.

ScottB said... bookmarks is excellent. I also use tab mix plus, linkification, Google toolbar, cocomment, gmail notifier, fasterfox, and - my favorite - IE Tab. This amazing extension allows you to open the current page in Internet Explorer *as a tab in Firefox*. Never again will I need to use IE for those irritating few websites (like my bank) that refuse to allow a decent browser.

Also, have you tried updating your search engines? The list of searchable sites from the toolbar is staggering. I've got everything from amazon to urbandictionary to food network. ;)

Scott Lyons said...

Thanks for the suggestions and why you like the extension especially. Part of the problem with extensions is that I don't know what I'm missing, I haven't imagined what is possible - don't know what question to ask, as it were.