Friday, January 12, 2007

A List

  • Deadlines make me as ornery as an old bear.

  • Meeting a deadline is sweet.

  • I don't give a fig what anyone says, tomatoes are no fruit.

  • Likewise, a bug is a bug is a bug. Beetles? Please. Arachnids? Pshaw!

  • Hearing the baby's heartbeat through the tight drum of my wife's belly is what hope sounds like.

  • Thomas the Tank Engine rocks!

  • 24 begins Sunday night. And so endeth the People's Republic of China.

  • Regardless of what my son will be named, the show 24 played no role in the decision-making process.

  • Canker sores bite.

  • Granholm and Pelosi - two more reasons to be Catholic.

    • Sarcasm is a bad habit. Pray for me.

  • The movie recommendations Netflix shows me make me think they think I'm 65.

  • Eñes - one more reason to buy a Mac.

  • Sleeping children is what peace looks like.

  • The polls are in and it appears I could use a few months of St Catherine of Siena's ... austerity.

  • I once streaked in college. And it's true, I was the fastest thing on two feet.

  • My streaking story is far more tame than it sounds. It's more that I ran outside in a semi-naked state. I was wearing a short coat and a pair of shoes. And it was dark.

  • In defense of my coat and shoes, the winter winds in Indiana blow bitter-cold across barren corn fields.


Chad said...

Thomas the Tank Engine rocks!

After watching many of these, I find myself narrating, out loud, short vignettes of activity around the home. This goes on a for a few seconds and then a break into the theme song.

~m2~ said...

i love lists :)

Scott Lyons said...

Nice, Chad. We need to pick up some Thomas videos for the little lad in our home. There's something mesmerizing about them, in a sort of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood kind of way.

Glad you enjoyed it, Penni!