Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Once More into the Breach

Laura goes back to work in the morning, without the girls. The girls go back Wednesday. That means tomorrow (today?) is all about me and Legion. I'd love to take them to a movie, only I don't have a vehicle that runs. And I have a two-year-old. And I'd rather not be banned from the theater.

The park would be nice too, of course. I may be able to swing the park. If we had a van that worked.

Speaking of which, this vehicle situation is getting old - I probably just need to fix the gasket on my sweet mini. Ack! I just can't get the image out of my head of my money looping the bowl three times before disappearing into the toilet. I've thought of just doing without the mack-daddy mobile, but six, soon to be seven, people in a Jeep just seems, well, nuts. They stack nicely in the back and all, but still.


truevyne said...

Car trouble is maddening. Perhaps you can plan a rousing game of Barbie vs. Godzilla in domino village?
Or maybe your netflix will come in the mail.

Scott Lyons said...

Barbie vs. Godzilla? Hmm.

Unfortunately all my Netflix movies are in the mailbox waiting to be picked up. Waiting and waiting, I might add - what with holidays and funerals and such with the post.

alison said...

I feel a constriction in my chest the first day back.

Car troubles can be such a drag.

I recommend throwing them outside and standing guard with a book. I am making a real effort to get outside every day with my people, sunny or not. Fresh air and all...

Dan said...

Bizarro world here...so on Scott's blog right now, it says 2 comments...I click on it, and see that there are now three comments. Close the comment window, click again, and sure enough, three comments. Look at the time where you posted: 11:56, and then see the time is 11:57.

It was a little LCS reunion here for a brief moment, here at Swept Over.

BTW...saw Kelly B. from high school, and Dawn H's mom, who insisted that I call her, since she lives in GR. Not gonna happen.

Kelly wants me to start thinking about our 20th reunion. We're a year and a half out. Sad, but true.

I can still remember when my mom had her 20th. She seemed SO old to me back then, but now I know she was nothing but a spring chicken.

Sorry to hear about your car woes. I think I need to replace the windshield wiper motor on my car. Froze to the windshield, when it was on, and then when I went to turn on the car, fought with itself, and I think stripped the gears. That's just a stupid repair.

Hope you survive your time with Legion.

And Happy New Year!

Dan said...

Well...I wasn't quite clear in that...it was 11:57 when I began my response...

Sherry C said...

Feeling your pain with the car trouble thing.

We are down to rattly pick-up truck with one of those half back seat things, a driver's side door that doesn't close all the way (prompting everyone on the road to pull up to me and roll down their window to tell me that my door is open), no interior lights or stereo (more than just a fuse issue), and a front passenger seat that reclines nicely, whether you want it to or not, all the time.

I think we are officially Montana hicks.