Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bear Grylls

I got hooked on a TV show this weekend. The Discovery Channel was running a marathon of "Man vs. Wild" episodes and I was sucked in. Bear (that's his name) parachutes into places where tons of thrill-seekers die each year, and then shows you how to survive.

So far, in every episode I've seen, he's made it out alive. (He does have a camera crew with him, so they might be slipping him jellies when worse turns to worser.)

I even used one of his survival tips on Memorial Day as I mowed my lawn. I find it difficult to breathe when I mow. And our area has been very dry lately, which made for above-average breathing difficulties. Unable to find a mask or kerchief, I tied a T-shirt around my nose and mouth, effectively blocking out the pollen and bits of grass and debris. It was touch-and-go for a bit, but I survived the ordeal. And I owe my survival to Bear. In such a short time, he's already been a lifesaver. (And he could save your butt too.)

He's a Christian, and you'll see him occasionally cross himself before dropping out of an airplane. (Apparently, he almost died from a parachuting accident while in the British SAS - his parachute ripped open - broke his back in three places. I'd be crossing myself too.)

There's something riveting about watching a man eat a snake alive, or peeing on a T-shirt/headdress to keep his head cool - all in the name of survival.

The show's on Fridays at 9 p.m. And if your life is as staid and quiet as mine, you should have plenty of time to take it in.

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Anonymous said...

He is definately Christian. On the Discovery website he has a top ten section. Of his top ten books, 3 or 4 are Christian. Also, his book "Facing Up" is about his experiences climbing Everest. He quotes scripture often in there from what I hear. +Pax