Saturday, May 26, 2007

Feed Me

I apologize to those of you subscribed to my blog's feed. I've been trying to label older posts (pre-labeling days with Blogger). I thought I'd figured a way to do so without the old posts dumping into my feed, but I was miserably wrong. So until I can find a way to do so, I'll be laying off any updates. Sorry for the trouble. And, uh, enjoy reading those old posts.


SRMcEvoy said...

The way to do it is to turn the feed off. Do all your labeling. Then turn the feed back on.

Yours Steven
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onionboy said...

Steven, Scott tried this already at my suggestion and it apparently did not work. Works with Typepad but maybe not with Blogger. If you know something specific as a blogger user maybe e-mail Scott and let him know :)

Scott, your an interesting writer so I don't mind seeing the extra posts as I am noticing some I haven't read.

In an time when many, many, bloggers regularly post little bits of nothing a lot of something isn't such a bad thing :)


Scott Lyons said...

Steven, I notice you're on Blogger. Have you been able to do your updates successfully just by turning off the feed?