Friday, May 25, 2007

Yesterday and More Blog Keeping

Yesterday was a good day.

On to a different note, yesterday I tried updating some of my older blog posts by adding labels. I had no idea that when you add a label, or update a post in any manner, that it gets funneled into your feed. My apologies for stirring up the waters, as it were. I didn't mean to. I just want to label some old posts. Does anyone know how to do this without them being fed into your feed?


truevyne said...

Notice I never answer any of your blogging questions? It's because I'm a complete idiot about such things. I can't load photos I've taken from my home computer. I don't know how to add a pic in the header. I don't know how to change the order of my sidebar. I can't figure out how to add a pic to my name so it appears when I post. I don't even know anything aobuthow to set up a blog feed. It's all so very complicated. I need blogging lessons.

onionboy said...

With Typepad I am able to set and reset the blog to public or private as I like. This allows me to upload old/other post without sending them to the rss feed. If blogger has something like that then you are good to go. I'm guessing it doesn't or you wouldn't be asking. The price of free. Darn.


Scott Lyons said...

True, I'm so sorry. That just makes me want to cry. Let me know if I can help with something specific.

Owen, I tried turning off the feed, labeling some items, and then turning the feed back on. Seems to have worked. Thanks. (Three months down, one million more to go.)

Scott Lyons said...

On second look, it failed miserably. Maybe I'll just not label any more posts.

Scott Lyons said...

Old posts, that is.