Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Decidedly Offensive Post Follows. Do Not Read.

American Idol 2007 is nearly over.

Then Bette Midler wanders out onto the stage to sing "that song." Now some crap bothers me. And "Wind beneath My Wings" is a big hunk of that crap.

I was in college when this song was released by ... Miss M. I despised it even before radio continued, with unabated enthusiasm, to torture us with it. I still start awake some nights remembering the years lost to it.


So I began to think how some artists must simply want to open a vein when a song like "Wind Beneath My Wings" begins to connect with millions of sentimentalists out there. And keeps connecting as the decades pass.

I mean, I have my mawkish moments. Guilty as charged. But if I wrote something, well, that saccharine (and I might), and if it became a blockbuster (as that song has), then I'd be forced to make a retraction (after making a few million): "I didn't mean it. I apologize for all the pain and suffering I've caused." And break into "The Rose."


alison said...

Feeling you here, Scott, especially on "The Rose". That came out the summer my cat died. Soon after I went to Indiana to visit some cousins. They were all much older than I was. One of them took me shopping and bought me a 45 of "The Rose" (I must have heard it on the radio and found it cathartic) and another kindly played it again and again and again for me on his billion dollar stereo that was taller than I was while I reclined on the bed and sobbed.

"Some say love..."

truevyne said...

My dearest husband likes to look squarely into my eyes and sing, "You are the wind beneath my sheets." Ahem.

Matt Nightingale said...

I remember my high school choir doing "The Rose" with ::gasp:: SIGN LANGUAGE. I still remember most of the signs. We thought we were AWESOME.