Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Church Abuses

I swanny. When I reverted, the Church never told me I'd get so much freakin' Catholic mail. Maybe Sweet Loraine should have put that in his book.


Anonymous said...

You're a CATHOLIC!! :)

Can I just say... I love that you used the term "swanny" - I've only known two other people to use that expression. One was my sweet Grandma from KY who always would say, "Well, I swan."

Scott Lyons said...

Matt, I am! A year ago, on April Fool's Day. Seriously.

I've never been happier. Please feel comfortable asking questions.

Anonymous said...

My Uncle Jeff, a United Methodist minister for decades, recently converted to Catholicism. His blog, 3Massketeers, is in my blogroll.

Don't worry, I'll still call you my brother in Christ! (Like you were worried... ) My spiritual path has led me to understand how much BIGGER God is than the God I used to understand. I'm amazed and grateful every day for my amazingly big, amazingly inclusive Father.

Scott Lyons said...

No, I do appreciate your generosity. Laura's family continues to not take it well, euphemistically speaking. And one or two in my family simply don't understand it.

Both of these reactions hinge on the many misconceptions about Catholicism we're often bred into as Fundamentalists/Evangelicals.

But I've begun babbling. Sorry.

(Btw, I apparently picked up "swanny" from Laura, good Southern woman that she is.)