Saturday, May 26, 2007

What Do You Want of Me?

I get the daily readings (Catholic lectionary) sent to me via e-mail from The Daily Gospel. Each morning, along with the readings, a commentary is included from various Church fathers, saints, and popes. Today's commentary was the following poem by St Teresa of Avila.

I am Yours and born for you,
What do You want of me?

Majestic Sovereign,
Unending wisdom,
Kindness pleasing to my soul;
God sublime, one Being Good,
Behold this one so vile.
Singing of her love to you:
What do You want of me?

Yours, you made me,
Yours, you saved me,
Yours, you endured me,
Yours, you called me,
Yours, you awaited me,
Yours, I did not stray.
What do You want of me?

Good Lord, what do you want of me,
What is this wretch to do?
What work is this,
This sinful slave, to do?
Look at me, Sweet Love,
Sweet Love, look at me,
What do You want of me?

In Your hand
I place my heart,
Body, life and soul,
Deep feelings and affections mine,
Spouse – Redeemer sweet,
Myself offered now to you,
What do You want of me?

Give me death, give me life,
Health or sickness,
Honor or shame,
War or swelling peace,
Weakness or full strength,
Yes, to these I say,
What do You want of me?...

Yours I am, for You I was born:
What do You want of me?

(By the way, my kindergartner just read this poem to me with more feeling than I can muster at 7 o'clock in the morning. She's wicked bright.)

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