Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pagels Read Judas, Colbert Don't

I'm not sure if the name Elaine Pagels means anything to you or not. But she and Bart Ehrman (former Wheaton grad, now unbeliever) seem to be the leading textual-criticism darlings of those who would contest the gospel and therefore the veracity of the New Testament Scriptures. They say that the early Church fathers censured/buried any of the early writings that didn't agree with what they were teaching - as if antiquity itself is reason enough for our acceptance of these writings (Why should we accept John's gospel over Judas's? they would ask).

Indeed, the early fathers did bury these texts. This is one of the reasons why we submit to the authority of the Church - she alone has and has had the authority to decide what is orthodoxy and what is heterodoxy. It is because of her, guided by the Holy Spirit, that we have the New Testament canon as we have it.

HT: Mike Aquilina, and a trail of others


truevyne said...

As if the Living and Loving God cannot manage to work in His people through His Spirit to pull together the text He desires for us? And can God's hands be tied, so that we are at the mercy of human error?

angelmeg said...

I have read some of her writings. She is really frightening in that she has moved so far away from the authority of the Church in her search for "truth" that she has moved into delusion.