Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thinking Blogger My ...

I appreciate Penni's nomination of me as a Thinking Blogger. I appreciate even more the kind words she wrote about me. Let me say, with all the false humility that I can muster, "I am no thinking blogger." My blog is mundane, daily stuff.

I write about dirt and rocks and children and flowers. I am no theologian. But if I am a thinker, and the icon says that I am, I pray it will be expressed more vividly in the simplicity of the ordinary, in the concreteness of a dirty diaper, in the insanity of being a parent than in posts that struggle through my faith theologically, intellectually. Many of you write the same way, and are extraordinary thinkers.

Again, Penni, thank you for passing this heavy burden on to me. I take the weasel's way out and pass it on to all of you and to none of you.

(By the way, check out Martha, Martha - there's a thinking blogger.)

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