Thursday, April 12, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

I've been away. Well, not away, but re-working my life around the new baby. I'm learning him; he's learning me. And it takes a while to get the knack of a new person in the house, especially with a toddler and preschooler present. So forgive my somewhat intermittent presence here.

I also have a couple of articles due for the New Living Translation Web site on spiritual disciplines (I'm winding down a series on Simplicity and introducing a series on Confession - a tightrope act that, a spiritual discipline so rich and different for Catholics than for my target audience). I need to write those today as they're due today or tomorrow. It's been difficult to find the time to write just as it has been difficult to blog, which is, by the way, writing - though less lucrative.

I've got things I need to write here, and they will get written. But it probably won't be till Friday night or Saturday.


~m2~ said...

i was just thinking of you today...glad all is well and yes, devoting time getting to know your new little man is way more important than imparting us with spiritual thoughts.

i think.


welcome back :)

onionboy said...

Our eldest and devout daughter's favorite bible is the NLT Catholic Edition. I know there are those who feel it doesn't make a good bible for Catholics because of what they see as a heavy Evangelical slant. You are writing for them so you must see something different in this translation. (For four years it was the only one I preached from). Nice to see you "in print" somewhere other than here.


Scott Lyons said...

Owen, I had no idea they had a Catholic Edition.

I began writing for Tyndale using the NLT before I ever thought of being Catholic. So whether I continued with them was something I had to pray about when I reverted. Actually, the person to whom I submit my articles was also accepted into the Catholic Church last year, which was beautiful reassurance from our Lord.

As far as the translation is concerned - by and large I really like it. However, some proof texts (for lack of a better word due to its negative connotations nowadays) often used in defending Catholic dogma, such as baptismal regeneration, is sufficiently changed in my print NLT to make it a questionable translation for Catholic Bible study. The online version, however, has seemed to resolve many of those problems. I'm not sure if the online version represents a third edition that is in the works or not, but with each edition they seem to find a better balance between formal and dynamic equivalence.

Regardless, I do like the read of it, and would recommend it to most for that very reason.