Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Great White North

We decided, somewhat impetuously, that we were heading up to Michigan for a few days. Please pray for us as we travel. And it's supposed to snow the entire time we're there.

Hello, Spring!

Our van is jam-packed with children, and soon my veins will be running dark with Starbucks coffee.

Also, while you're praying, pray that our van travels well. Our last trip ended badly with a gastro-intestinal plague plus the added bonus of a broken vehicle that resulted in a three-month hiatus for my sweet, pimped ride.


~m2~ said...

Godspeed :)

Andy Thompson said...

I pray that the Holy Spirit along with the gods of Mr. Goodwrench and Mrs. Lysol will bless your travels.

Okay, just the Holy Spirit.


zach lyons said...


Ouiz said...

Just found your blog courtesy of Martha Martha.

You've got a great blog... I'll be checking back often!

God bless and safe travels!

--from a SAHM in South Carolina

Scott Lyons said...

Penni - thank you for your prayers.

Andy, and yours. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit made Goodwrench and Lysol entirel superfluous.

Great seeing you again, Zach. Hope your trip home was good.

Ouiz - welcome!