Sunday, April 08, 2007


The trip was (1) germ-free, (2) vehicle-problem-free, and is (3) over. It's such a long drive, with children.

Thanks for your prayers.

I'll be doing some catching up with blogs in the next day or two. I also will be working heavily on a novel (novel - what a strange-looking word) in the upcoming months.

Yes I am.

The book has been conceived. Now it simply requires some womb time - cramps, backaches, embarrassing piles, peeing myself when I sneeze or laugh, restless nights - a little labor, and then delivery. Easy stuff.

Anyway, self-mockery aside, it is time for me to be more fully who I am called to be.

In the meantime, in my day job, I will also be who I am also called to be - a father to a newborn, a toddler, and a preschooler (feeding the hungry, clothing the naked - the liturgical, rhythmic work of home). Pray for my wife: it will be a kind of death for her tomorrow, leaving Jack Henry for school.

I wish it were different, Laura. I'm so sorry that it isn't.


onionboy said...

We tried having just me at home in the year following our conversion to the Catholic Church but the one income simply didn't cut it. We had tried this once, for a year or so before I did what turned out to be my final gig as a Protestant minister.

God bless your writing and your 'dadding' and bless your wife for her support. Peace.



Dan said...

Glad to hear about the novel...this is good news, and I look forward to reading it...and seeing it in print. :-)

Scott Lyons said...

Owen, thanks. We've been able to do it for 2 1/2 years now, but it is has not been easy - financially or emotionally. And perhaps it will not go on for much longer. I appreciate your prayers.

Dan, it's time, my man. Thanks for your encouragement. It always seems that as soon as I make such decisions that life interrupts. And so it has. But it will be written anyway.

I appreciate your prayers as well.

RRBeebe said...

I can't beleive the time has come for Laura to return to work. It seems we were just helding Jack Henry yesterday. But, time does go by doesn't it?

We will be praying for you and Laura with this new transition. We are excited about your novel. I know it has been a dream for quite some time.

Much love from Tennessee & if you are ever up for another trip - much closer than Michigan - come on over our way! You are always welcome. We have even spent the last few weeks painting our guest room in anticipation of your arrival - whenever that may be!!

Love you all!

alison said...


I missed this before.

I hope the transition for Laura went as well as it could.

Regarding the novel - yes! Do it.

I will pray.

Scott Lyons said...

Robin, thanks for the invite. One of these days we'll wend our way to Knoxville. I hope that it will be soon. (Speaking of which, I need to give Reid a call.)

The transition for Laura was difficult - especially with the normal injustices one runs into in the work place. Sometimes I think these injustices crop up more in the education system than elsewhere, due to formality and stupidity, but that's probably more my lack of experiences. Of course, she is still in transition. The kids are as well.

We appreciate your prayers and support.

Alison, thanks for the prayers and the encouragement to write. I appreciate both. And I am writing.