Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Wanna Piece of Me?

  • Sophie's been home the past two days - mostly coughing and having a high temperature. She has a temperature again tonight, but she so needs to be in school. I made her go to Faith Formation last night with a temperature on account of all the misses from sickness she's already had and that she seems as fit as a fiddle during the day. (She doesn't like Faith Formation because, "It's b-o-r-i-n-g" - and, yes, she spelled it. Bully for her in regards to her spelling.)

    Jack's sick too, but seems to be recovering quickly.

  • Netflix update - what's at home: Night at the Museum - 4 stars; Children of Men - 4 stars; The Holiday - Haven't watched it yet.

    Night at the Museum is a funny clean film - anybody could enjoy it, though it might be too unsophisticated for some of you. Some movies are better with children.

    Now Children of Men is a fascinating movie. If you've read the book, the movie's different. Sure that goes without saying, but this movie seems to see no need to go much further than the premise of the novel. As disappointing as that is, however, this movie is still a powerful look at humanity and how we value and devalue life.

  • About American Idol - I'm so glad they've raised so much money for AIDS victims in Africa, I really am, but every time I see them talking about their charity I can't get the Sermon on the Mount out of my head - left and right hands and all that (I recognize that many of those participating are not Christians, but still, it's ridiculously self-aggrandizing all the same). I even read a serious question on another blog asking Who has done more for the poor, the Church or Bono? and I wanted to vomit. And not because I don't respect the heartbeat of Bono, but Jeez Louise, are people so blind? I also don't much care for the carting out of celebrity every few years as a platform for them to tell me how much money they give.

    Deaf ears.

    I know, too ornery. Sorry.

  • I'm currently reading two books: The Children of Húrin by Tolkien and The Quotidian Mysteries by Kathleen Norris. Incredible books, both of them. I'll be writing about each later.

    I would like to quickly plug Quotidian for those of you who have a home or at some time in your life have had to repeat an activity in your life (say shaving or getting dressed or brushing your teeth). This is a must-read. A blog-friend sent this book my way (Thanks, Penni!). It is the perfect book for me - even though the subtitle reads, "Laundry, Liturgy and 'Women's Work.' "

  • Perhaps because it does. She was very worried about offending my manhood, but I told her she couldn't offend it anymore than God already had by making me a SAHD.

    Hahaa. *slaps knee*

    I crack me up.


truevyne said...

I thought night at the museum was fun. Watched "Jesus Camp" yesterday and I'm still a mess from it. It so disturbed me, but probably not for the reasons others are.

Sorry your little super speller girl is ill. Prays for healing and wholeness, and for God to help her find something amazing in her faith formation class.

About aids and the church- my heart is broken. If you don't read Brant Hansen's blog, he posted a really scary post today.

angelmeg said...

We saw Children of Men in the Theater and liked it but it was quite dark. Our associate pastor said he really liked the extras on the DVD. Make sure you check them out before you send it back.