Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Of Vonnegut and Turkey Farms

In memory of Kurt Vonnegut, I picked up a couple of his books from the library yesterday, Slapstick and Palm Sunday. I figured that this author, of whom I've heard so much, deserves me to read his work sometime in my life. You heard me right, I've never read any Vonnegut.

He reads easy.

I finished Slapstick this morning and immediately began Palm Sunday. Slapstick was, well, one of the strangest, most unique novels I've read - and quite funny. Any Vonnegut favorites that I absolutely must read? (Assuming our little public library system carries them or can procure them.)

Hi Ho.


truevyne said...

Slapstick is my absolute fav in college. It changed my thinking about my work with people with mental handicaps. I became more respectful and aware of humanity.

Scott Lyons said...

I was surprised at how well I liked it, True.

Palm Sunday doesn't read nearly as quickly, but that's speaking as one who just finished the genealogy section of the book. Which was smart and funny in its own right, but I'm glad it's over all the same.

angelmeg said...

Slaughterhouse Five is very hard to read but you really should try. It is deeply personal.

My brother was a great fan of Vonnegut in high school and his love spilled over and I read about everything he did.

All of his books have their own charm.