Friday, November 11, 2005

The Exorbitant Price of Gas

My dad is a funny man - embarassingly so for his children. Public places failed to reign in his moodiness and he refused to be servant to society's proprieties. Unfortunately. Then again sometimes things just slipped out, so to speak.

One little anecdote: My dad and oldest brother were at Quality Dairy to buy some doughnuts. The lady at the counter asked my dad what he wanted and my dad bent over to get a good look. As he bent over, he farted loudly. My brother quickly, though non-chalantly, wandered to the back of the store. My dad, however, simply looked up at the lady at the counter and said, "I don't want one of those."


alison said...

Oh Mortification for Rick!

As a child you were probably appalled by that but now as a father of four yourself you can see how the ill wind blows.


Which Quality Dairy.

What would you give for a bag of milk?

Or an icecream cone the size of your head.

Sherry C said...

Loved QD. Still do, any time we are in the vicinity. Those ice cream cones are legendary. And I so remember the bags of milk.

Scott said...

Not sure which QD it was, Alison. For some reason I'm thinking it was on Pennsylvania Ave, but unsure.

Bags of milk - that takes me back. I haven't seen one of those for ages.

The ice cream I miss most of all.

Jamie Dawn said...

That's funny! His quick wit must be appreciated, even if it was embarrassing.

Dan M. said...

I'll keep my bags of milk, but no thank you on the poorest excuse for apple cider in the known universe. And in our family, there was a season every year where we took a recess from the bag-o-milk. Someone in the family was QUITE particular about the taste of everything, and this little precocious palate could detect the taste of onions, indicating that onions were in season, and being digested by some root grubbing little milk cows. I think we bought Meijer milk then. Ten guesses as to who was so particular... :-)

Scott said...

I don't remember the cider, Dan. We must not have partook. So sometimes you could taste onions, huh? That sounds pleasant. We only got the bag-o-milk on occasion and I'm pleased to say I never tasted onions. If I had, bag-o-milk would have quickly become bag-o-vomit.

Andy said...

OMG, I cannot stop laughing...this sounds like so many men in my family. A literal LOL!