Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Writing Through

Some of you are perhaps frightened or angered by my last post. Some of you just want me to go on posting about my legion of children. And I will. But the Scriptures have been on my mind lately. At Via Media they have begun what will be, I think, a good discussion about the Scriptures.

I believe that we are too set on defining the Scriptures. We can describe them, but that's something different completely. Inerrancy tries to define the Scriptures - tries to put them in hand. If we are able to name something, we have a certain amount of control over it. And I think that's what we try to do with this tag. We want to be able to make the Scriptures something we've got mastery of, instead of being mastered by the authority expressed by and through them. But because some people choose to question this tag, or not discuss it, the traditional church tries to marginalize them. And this defeats the whole purpose of unity to which we were called. And I want unity.

Mostly, I'm just trying to write through this issue. To explore it in my writing and to be able to, I hope, better understand the Scriptures. I'm not turning my back on my faith. But I am trying to better understand it.


alison said...

There is mystery. We are told that now we only see in part.

This OUGHT to give us pause, not that we can't be confident in our faith or in God, but in our own understanding. Oh yeah, we are told not to trust that either, nor to be wise in our own eyes...

I am willing to stand in mystery as I fear God and turn away from evil. I don't know how people have time to pick fights and sling mud about theology(and by this I do not mean thoughtful discussion in the pursuit of Christ)...chopping that gigantic log out of my own eye keeps me seriously busy.

Keep writing. Keep exploring.

That's my vote.

Jamie Dawn said...

Keep exploring and using your noggin.