Thursday, November 03, 2005

They Call Me Steve

It's true, they do. Whenever I meet new people, invariably, someone will call me Steve. Not Sam, Sven, Stu, or Stan; not Soren, Solomon, Saul, or Socrates; not Sheldon, Sydney, or Skipper. Not Scott. Just Steve. It started in college. During my freshman and sophomore years, I roomed with Steve Glover. ("It's 'lover' with a 'G,' " he said.) Occasionally people started calling me Steve. I didn't think much of it. We were roomies; we were often together, and Steve and Scott are similar names. I left college. I got married. I moved 600 miles away, but it kept happening.

Since that time, every place I've lived, worked, or gone to church has been populated with people who call me Steve. I correct them, of course. No use in their being embarassed. Then I correct them again and again. It becomes a joke. And still I correct them.

Perhaps it's because there are famous Steve Lyonses out there. There's the hurricane doctor on the Weather Channel, Dr. Steve Lyons. And of course, there's the infamous Steve Lyons of the White Sox who dropped his britches at first base in Detroit to brush away some dirt.

So what is it that calls Steve to mind when people meet me? Is it the swath of destruction I leave in my wake, or is it my propensity to drop trou at arguably inopportune times?


alison said...

I don't understand that. I am really particular about names since mine is often misspelled. I don't get all fired up when it is, but I am terribly pleased when someone gets it right.

Never had people consistently call me by the wrong name - weird.

ScottB said...

Ok, that's just wierd - that's been my experience EXACTLY. Always Steve. It hasn't happened for a little while, but for a few years, especially after starting at my current company, it was about a weekly occurance.

Matt Donaldson said...

For me, it's always Don or Matt. How hard is Dan anyway? I get the Matt all the time. Oh well. Thanks for the post, Steve. :-)

Reid said...

Steve, I'd bet that I've seen you at "arguably inopportune times" but I'm still waiting to see you "drop trou." Drop trou and you'll be able to spout all the heresy you want - nobody will notice!

Scott said...

Berkhimer - wild! it must the "Scott" then. You made my day, man.

Matt, it's Dan . . . ? ; ) Now that you mention it, I actually remember people calling you that occasionally.

Reid - revolutionary. Thanks, man.

Scott said...

Allison, count your blessings. (hehehe)

alison said...

Very funny, Smart Guy!

Jamie Dawn said...

You got me chuckling on this one.
I think that people just get mixed up because Steve is a common name too. At least they get the S part right.
Keep your pants on!!!!!

Sherry C said...

Allison and Steve,

I have no idea what you are laughing about, but I want in on the joke.