Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Raccoon Is on the Move

Will on the Stump

The older the raccoon becomes, the more boy he becomes. He's evolved into Apollyon, the Destroyer Raccoon, in the last few months. He likes to clobber and investigate and climb and get into everything that I do not allow him to get into - and nothing else. He's particular in that way.

Yes, he still likes the garbage - the egg shells and coffee grounds are sweet rewards. But that's child play, in some respects. There are toxic cleaners in the world; toilets - basins of fun, pools of pleasure; computers to bang on; and, in general, messes to be made. And the raccoon is smart. He knows things. It's scary what he knows. He refuses to speak English, but do not be fooled - he knows it. Smart and destructive are two characteristics I do not like to see working together in such harmony, so mutually enraptured with one another.

So what does a man do? Play ball with him, wrestle with him, hug on him, kiss his cloven earlobe. I suppose, that's all a man can do. After all, at the end of the day, he is my raccoon.


Jamie Dawn said...

What a delight that little fella is! Too cute, but of course, you know that.
I can picture him foraging through the trash and squealing with joy over this treasured findings.
I have a link on my blogroll to The Lumpy. This young father talks about his baby daugher (The Beast) and her development. This post of yours reminded be a bit of his writings.
My hubby was and still is crazy about our kids. I love for dads to be enthralled with their children.

Sherry C said...

I know I've never met the kid, but this is a great photo of him. I can just see his little wheels turning. His feet may be still for a moment, but his mind is not.

Marti said...

What a beautiful child!

Your love shines through your writing - always a pleasure to read!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marti said...

Didn't I used to be on your blogroll? LOL

Scott said...

Thank you, Marti. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Yes, you were on my blogroll. And I hope I did not offend you by taking your link off. I added some links and took some off based on my current reading habits.