Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I swanny, I don't know why I give food and drinks to these midgets I keep.

  • Hand out baggies of cereal, 8:45.
  • Change dirty diaper, 9:03.
  • Sweep up crushed cereal and empty baggies, 9:38.
  • Pour cup of juice, 10:02.
  • Wipe up cup of juice, 10:04.
  • Fuss at children, 10:04-noon.


Sherry C said...

You're editing again.

I suppose you felt safe because no one had commented yet, as per my previous scolding.

I should have just left a little comment when I first saw the post this morning, thus saving you the time and energy needed to edit.

Jamie Dawn said...

You only fuss at them until noon? You're such a good daddy!
I remember those little baggies of Cheerios I gave to my kids. Now, they want double cheeseburgers or a big plate of my famous spaghetti. Cheerios just don't cut it anymore.

(My spaghetti is famous only in certain circles.)

Meg said...

You're editing? How? Why? Did you say something that didn't fit the Christian boy mold;)?

Scott said...

Meg, Sherry gets a little crazy when people change their posts after they've, well, been posted. The problem is I like to keep my hands in them for quite a while after I've posted. So they evolve a little the first hour or two of their existence. Sherry and I cut a deal that I wouldn't edit after someone had commented. We were in sixth grade together, after all. So far, so good. (Does that about sum it up, Sherry?)

No unchristianly material here . . . for the most part. ; )

Jamie, I love spaghetti. Do you make yours with meatballs? I LOVE spaghetti with meatballs.

Sherry C said...

Yes, that about sums it up. Do not mess with the crazy lady.

BTW, looking through some OLD papers the other day, I found your 12 year old signature on an old page of autographs. I may scan it and post it, just for kicks and giggles.

ScottB said...

Editing is for wimps. Take yer lumps, ya nancy boy! ;)

So, I guess the part you edited out was:
Noon: distribute benadryl sippy cups

It's the only way I can figure you get to stop fussing at that point.

Scott said...

Sherry, is that a threat? : ) Actually, I'd kind of like to see that myself.

Berkhimer, welcome to nancy-land, brother. Yeah, I figure someone would call DSS if I started truth-telling. I get the urge for authenticity, then - Wham! - I edit.

alison said...

Sherry took Scott to the woodshed!

Man, don't mess with her, she is a frontier woman now and probably has a rifle on her at all times. I know you are practically a Southerner and all laid back sipping sweet tea but you need to look out.

Again, need to note the hilarity that we have this relationship. Standing on the playground of Barnes, to quote Magic Johnson i his infamous Quality Dairy commercial regarding the Double Drible Donut, "Nevah saw it!"

*giggling maniacally* Must go to bed.

Sherry C said...

The rifle is not actually on my person at all times. Most of the time, it hangs on the rack in the back window of my pick-up.

alison said...

Sherry, I guess you are a little more relaxed than I thought. I pictured you clutching it while helping the kids with homework, holding it under your arm while cooking and propping it against the desk as you blog. Simply in the rack in the pick up, hmmm...must readjust image.

Scott said...

"Nevah saw it" - that's hilarious, Alison. Yeah, I'm going to start watching my p's and q's around this one. I must say, however, that the rifle in the gun rack is comfornalia - put a rebel flag on the truck and a bumper sticker that reads "If the North is so great, why don't you go back?" next to it and it would start to feel like home.

alison said...

Scott, I was laughing as I typed it. I was just cutting myself up last night. Finally put myself to bed to keep from going to far somewhere out in the sphere.

I liked how many blasts from the past I was able to incorporate in the one sentence.

Jamie Dawn said...

No meatballs in my skeddy. I like meatballs too.