Sunday, November 27, 2005


Sometimes I just feel. I can't express myself legibly. I can't express myself properly poetically. But sometimes I can't help but just feel.

It's raining today.
It's raining down gray.
I'm lonely and cold
And left here, I stay . . .

It's raining and still -
The woodpecker's drill
Unheard and untold -
I'm praying it will . . .

It's raining, and dead
Trees' leaves fill my head
With whispers so bold -
I swear that I bled . . .

It's raining. The rain
Drums on on insane
Never stop never fold
Rolls feverish brain . . .

It's raining, raining,
The world is hanging
And I have been sold
Without so much gaining.

It's raining and cold.
It's raining and cold.
It's raining and cold.
It's raining, I'm told.

And I am still lost.

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