Sunday, June 05, 2005

And When You Pray

I was doing a search to see if it is called a "kneeling bench" or a "kneeler bench" and I came across a place that sells prayer benches that you sit on while you're kneeling to pray. They're pretty cool. It takes the weight off your knees while still allowing you to kneel, which is nice for those of us with bad knees. As I was reading the product description, I came across the following line: "Tucks neatly under bed or into a closet when not in use." Wait a minute. Tucks neatly into a closet when not in use?


ScottB said...

A good friend of mine in high school was sort of a less than dedicated Muslim. We both attended college in Philadelphia, but at different schools. Once, when I went to pick him up so that we could ride home together, I saw his prayer mat sort of sitting haphazardly on top of his laundry. His response? "I use it as an ironing board."

Scott said...

Thanks for the story, Scott. Re-reading the post, in conjunction with your comment, I realize that I don't pray as I should. If I had a prayer mat or a prayer bench, I'm afraid it would be tucked neatly into a closet . . . and forgotten. It's amazing to read about the church leaders through the centuries and how much time they devoted to prayer.