Friday, June 17, 2005

Shorts 6/17/05

Will had his first haircut today.

On our trip to Ohio, we drove into Charleston, West Virginia, and the girls were fascinated with all the factories and piles of coal. Sophie saw some stacks with fire coming out of them and asked what they were. I told her I wasn't really sure, which is usually a signal for the children to be the resident authorities on the subject. She said, "I think the fire is for praising the mountain as Lord."

While we were staying with my brother in Ohio, I was getting ready for church. I put on my shiny, oxblood Bostonians. This is the third time I've worn these shoes because I usually (read always) wear jeans to church. Anna was watching me as I put on my shoes.

"Are those girl shoes?" she said.

I smiled. "No, they're Daddy's dress shoes."

She spun around in her dress and said, "Do they make you want to twirl?"

The funny thing is, they kind of do.

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