Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I have been wounded. There are scars on my body to prove it. Each scar was earned through pain. Some of the wounds almost killed me.

I have a dimple on one cheek because I fell into a barbecue pit while trying to avoid being sprayed with a hose. That one almost killed me. The doctor thought it might. But I woke up the next morning. And I woke up the morning after that.

I am wounded: Spiritual wounds. Emotional wounds. Wounds from when I was my children's ages that have still not healed. I try to let them heal, but they get picked at. Burns from anger's furnace. Wounds from thoughtless arrows. A limp that I gained from being crushed under burdens too heavy for a child.

I don't need to be specific, because you have similar wounds and you know. Some of your wounds go far deeper than any of mine. And I'm sorry.

As a follower of Christ, I am called to bind up wounds. You have wounds, let me help you bind them - especially if I am the one who wounded you. And please, help me with mine.


alison said...

I am not satisfied with binding wounds.

I want to be healed and through my testimony of God's grace and redemption I want to be a channel for Him to heal others.

I am pressing into the love of God. A couple months ago I began to cry out, "Satisfy me with Your love!" That opened up so many things for me. A series of epiphanies - things I have known since I was a child became truth. I have known the word "omniscient" since early grade school. I am beginning to see what God's omniscience means for me - holy awe and peace and love. He sees me.

jaymarie said...

i guess i could stop reading some of my devtional books and just look at some the new blogs...your's for instance.
thanks for the inspiration.

Scott said...

Jaymarie, you humble me. Thanks for reading.

Alison, I am not satisfied with binding wounds either. But I don't know if I am capable of anything more. Scripture speaks of God binding up our wounds and I'm left wondering if total healing will not take place until we see his wounds. Perhaps I need to go deeper. You've been an encouragement to me speaking about God's grace and love - it's something I've been "pressing into" lately as well. I pray God keeps us on this course.

alison said...

Total healing is a declaration for me. I am not saying it is what I have - YET, but if I don't ask for it, look for it, extend my faith to it, I will never know it here on earth.

And I want it.

Please know I didn't speak in condemnation or pride but from a place of joy and excitement that His yoke really is easy, His burden is light. It is my crap that is so stinking heavy and I am willing to lay it down because I want peace and rest for my soul.

Your post was really beautiful. I liked where you talked about burdens too heavy for a child to carry, but you carried them. I knew that shy, inward boy and am grateful to know the man you have become.

God bless you.

Scott said...

I understand, Alison. I'll let you know if you step on a toe.