Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Ocean

There's something magic in the words, something undefinably delightful. Hearing the words makes me feel like I'm ten again and I'm leaving at three in the morning for vacation. Maybe it's the crying gulls or the crashing waves. Maybe it's the salt-seasoned air or the sand in your hair. Maybe it's the adventure.

Maybe the ocean is not as magic for you as it is for me. But I didn't grow up near the beach. I grew up in Michigan. And while we had the Great Lakes and miles of shoreline, it wasn't the ocean. It was something lesser. The ocean was in all ways better: bigger, more romantic, warmer, boundless, storied, fantastic, salty, other. When I'm at the ocean, I feel as if anything might happen. Poseidon himself might emerge from the blue-green depths with his barnacled trident and utter prophetic riddles in classical Greek. Blackbeard might put to port laded with treasure. Out there, in that wide expanse, There Be Dragons.

Here I am again. The ocean rushes out before me luxurious with power. It playfully exhausts my children and the children who come after mine. Here I am again, enchanted.


alison said...

When I smell the sharp briny smell of the ocean I think the Great Lakes are lesser bowls, but when I dive into the sea and my eyes are burning I decide that it is not a matter of more or less, but different.

How far are you from the ocean, you lucky dog?

I love taking people from either coast to Lake Michigan. They are usually unnerved. It is so like the ocean but not, the whole fresh water thing.

Scott said...

I'm about 20 minutes from it right now (actually, I just got back from swimming in the ocean - and you're right, it does sting) - Laura's parents live in Virginia Beach. A good reason to visit the in-laws. : )

ScottB said...

I'm envious...very envious. Enjoy your time!

Scott said...

Thanks. We came home today - we were there for about five days. It was nice, but we only got to go down to the ocean twice, because of the rainy weather.