Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On Blogging

I'm a baby blogger, but I'm already an addict (in a good way). Blogging can be time-consuming, but pausing to reflect upon my life or beliefs, pausing to record the days of my life, is a worthwhile pursuit. Because of my blog, I've been able to connect to old friends and I'm beginning to meet new ones. I've been able to record my days in a meaningful way - perhaps my version of my wife's scrapbooking. It's a creative outlet for me. It helps me practice my writing, which I need. It's an adult pursuit, which I need. And it lets me spend more time on my Mac, which I . . . well, don't need.

It's given me the opportunity to dialogue with some great guys who I don't see eye-to-eye with about certain matters of doctrine. But they've been gracious to me and patient with me and supportive of me. They've made me think about what I think, and I like that. As an SAHD it's difficult sometimes to take the time to think about things any more noumenal than the current location of Barbie's shoes. They're good iron to be sharpened upon. They're more than that, but they are certainly that.

Blogging is more than a phenomenon for me. It's journaling in a book that writes back. The journal is cheeky sometimes. It is honest. Anyway, for those who take the time to read, thanks. And for those of you who also blog, thanks. I'm excited to see where this will take us.


Sherry C said...

So glad to be a part of your burgeoning blogging community. Write on!

Bruce L. said...

I just discovered your blog, but I'm appreciating your spirit. I like your description of blogging as "journaling in a book that writes back".

Blessings on you.

Scott said...

Thanks so much, Bruce. Blessings on you as well.