Saturday, June 25, 2005

Does God Care?

I'm convinced that there are things in my life that God doesn't care about. My time is one of those things. And he doesn't care so much about my credit. Neither does he seem to care about my plans nor my timetables nor even my happiness. He doesn't. By which I mean, of course, that he rides over those things roughshod when he believes it to be necessary. He rides over me roughshod.

Why? The problem isn't that he doesn't care. He does care. The problem is he cares so deeply about me. That's why he causes so many of my things, so much of my life, to be devastated. That's why I am swept over and over by his waves and his breakers.

Sometimes, I wish he didn't care so much about me.

- Psalm 39.9-13


Lorna said...

beautiful and thought provoking

Scott said...

God is good. Sometimes it's hard to realize that there are greater goods than one's own life.

Thanks for stopping by, Lorna.