Friday, June 10, 2005

It Takes a Two to Tangle

The Littlest Princess
Originally uploaded by sixlyons.

The unthinkable happened tonight. We were eating pizza, God's greatest food-gift to mankind, and the yellow-haired child turned up her nose at it.

"It's wucky!" she said.

"Excuse me?" I threatened.

"I don't want dat. It's wucky!" she said

"You'd better watch it, young lady," I said, "or it'll come to fisticuffs."

The door slammed as she walked outside. I turned to my wife, "Whose child is she, Woman?"


alison said...

Wucky? That is adorable.

Are we looking at a two year old?
I am loving her bling and her hair is pretty with a little sass.

She looks confident of her assessment of the pizza, but philosphical rather than judgmental.


alison said...

P.S. I liked the storytelling too.

Scott said...

Hey, Alison. That is a great description of our two year old. She is all sass and bling. She started hmph-ing a while back when you tell her something, which we are desperately trying to break her of and enjoy all at the same time.

alison said...

I obviously didn't read the title of the post, "It takes two..." when I asked if the little pretty was two.

Prayed for your interview. Hope it went well.