Saturday, June 18, 2005


I watched Hotel Rwanda last night. I was shamed. The events of Schindler's List took place before I was born. It's easy to watch it and wonder how all of those atrocities took place - how people stood by and did nothing. But the million or so people slaughtered in Rwanda died when I was an adult. I remember the genocide. Worse yet, I remember some of my responses after hearing about it taking place.

I remember making comments such as, "We can't be spreading our troops too thinly," and, "It is not America's responsibility to be the world's police force."

"That's horrible," was a response too. And then, just as the reporter played by Joaquin Phoenix says in the movie, I returned to my dinner, doing nothing to stop the murders. I called no one. I didn't lift a finger to change the Rwandans' plight. Nothing. I don't even know if I prayed for them. Men, women, and children were being massacred and I don't even remember praying for them.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

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jaymarie said...

i feel your shame.
been there.