Monday, June 20, 2005

Emerging into Obedience

The following quote is from Thomas R. Kelly's A Testament of Devotion.

For nothing else in all of heaven or earth counts so much as His will, His slightest wish, His faintest breathing. And holy obedience sets in, sensitive as a shadow, obedient as a shadow, selfless as a shadow. . . . Gladly, urgently, promptly one leaps to do His bidding. . . .

But the first step to . . . obedience . . . is the flaming vision of the wonder of such a life, a vision which comes occasionally to us all. . . . There is an infinite foundation of lifting power, pressing within us, luring us by dazzling visions, and we can only say, The creative God comes into our souls. An increment of infinity is about us. . . . . The Hound of Heaven is on our track, the God of Love is wooing us to His Holy life.

Once having the vision, the second step to holy obedience is this: Begin where you are. Obey now. Use what little obedience you are capable of, even if it be like a grain of mustard seed. Begin where you are.

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