Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dude, Crazy Trip

Quick summary of our drive to Ohio and back for my teaching interview: We left home Saturday afternoon and arrived at my brother's around midnight. Churching and Grilling and Napping on Sunday equals Perfection. Monday I got a hair cut, went to the wading pool with the kids, and had a rather lengthy but good interview. I probably talked too much. I left the interview, finished packing, and drove home. Driving home, Girl #1 cried, "I miss [my cousin] . . ." the entire first hour. (I struggle with knowing how much to let the girl "feel," and when to cut it off because it has descended into self-pity.) The second through the fifth hours were relatively peaceful as children began dropping off to sleep. The last two hours, when I let Laura drive so I could sleep, everyone woke up to cry. But only every 15 minutes or so - as I would be nodding off.

Today the kids woke up at their normal, godless hour and immediately began harrassing me. This afternoon I got my permanent crown put onto my gray stump of a root canal (I must say, it's brilliant). My wife got me a cherry-limeade slushy at Sonic, which I proceeded to drop and spill after about three sips. I have an assignment overdue, I am exhausted, and we skipped Bible Study.

Life is one crazy trip. But you've gotta love it.


alison said...

Glad you are back. Reading this reminded me of something from a couple of years ago that I realized on a family trip. Driving with children, ahhh, always an opportunity for growth.

alison said...

Off topic:

Scott, I liked the conversation you opened with Krista about the emergent church. You make a good apologist, for lack of a better word, thoughtful, respectful but unafraid. Great.

Dan Edelen said...

Where in Ohio were you interviewing?

Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dan. I enjoy your blog.

My interview was in Cuyahoga Falls (Akron area). There is an English-teaching position open at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy. We'll see how it goes.